Creating Modern Scents for Your Space

By Kristen Pumphrey & Thomas Neuberger

We’re so excited to announce the release of the first book by P.F.’s owners Kristen and Tom! AT HOME WITH FRAGRANCE: Creating Modern Scents for Your Space is a modern, “so-easy-you-will-be-tempted-to-try-it” introduction to enhancing your home with fragrance and making your own custom scents and candles.

Candles have evolved in both function and style over the years. Gone are the days of overpowering, artificial scents: The focus on subtle, complementary fragrances is here to stay. P.F. Candle Co. has been leading this charge for more than a decade, amassing a huge following, and now they want to share all that they’ve learned in their first book. Equal parts design and DIY, At Home with Fragrance will teach you which fragrances work best for each room, how to interpret your distinct design style into fragrance, and (the best part!) how to make candles, room sprays, and incense with your own custom scents. The design and fragrances featured in this book are inspired by the authors’ home state of California: organic and relaxed elements, as well as scents drawn from nature, are the hallmarks of P.F.’s design ethos. Scent is the perfect way to express your unique design sense—and the art of making your own fragrances and candles offers an affordable DIY approach. Filled with tips and recipes for room sprays, incense, candles, and more, the book unlocks the secrets of P.F.’s hallmark style—creating atmosphere with candles and scent—and helps readers make it their own.

Thanks so much for your interest in P.F.'s new book, At Home with Fragrance! If you are interested in purchasing at wholesale to re-sell in your shop, you can reach out to our publishing company, Abrams Books with the contact information below or visit their website here to find a rep group near your shop.

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Self-taught candle makers Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger are the owners of P.F. Candle Co.